adobe photoshop and illustrator plugin


Introducing Web2ink’s Adobe Photoshop and illustrator extension. Say goodbye to laying out customer files, working with flattened PDFs and SVGs and spending more than 5 minutes on art per order.  Our Adobe extensions allow you to automatically import order artwork directly into Photoshop and Illustrator. Imported files will be at print size and layered depending on how many design elements were used in the design tool. This amazing feature is compatible with all Web2ink plans, including DIY plans.  Using this tool in conjunction with our awesome “Bad Upload” file checker will ensure that you get print ready art every time, or that you are able to assign an appropriate art charge when bad art work is uploaded.

Check out the demo video.

For $250.00 your art department can be saving hours per day.

This product is a $250.00 one time fee and that includes access to all future updates.  This does not effect monthly charges for site plans. 

Order the Web2ink Adobe Extensions now.