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Top 10 easy ways to Instill trust on your website.

People need to trust your website and your business before they will spend any money with you.  That makes perfect sense, I mean I am not going to spend potentially thousands of dollars or even 20 bucks if I get an uneasy feeling when I visit a website.  In this post I am going to…
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Finding a Niche Market For Your Print Shop.

Whether you’ve been in the print industry for a while or have only recently entered into the business via web to print storefronts, it’s worth reviewing your marketing choices on a regular basis. Is your current strategy working or is it time to try something new? If your marketing strategy feels unwieldy or it just…
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software for print shops

Handling A Pissed Off Customer

From time to time, pretty much anyone in business will have to deal with a pissed off customer and those of us in the printing world are no different.  Whatever the rights and wrongs of any given complaint, it’s important to deal with it calmly, proportionately and, above all, politely – even if the customer’s…
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Outsourcing print

Outsourcing to other printers.

Outsourcing is not a bad word, don’t be afraid of outsourcing. One of the fundamental truisms in the quest for success in any business is that you have to play to your strengths. Sometimes this means that, even if you can fulfill a task, it isn’t necessarily the best use of your time and effort…
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selling custom printed products

Selling Custom Print Online, a Quick Overview.

If you’re a printer and you’ve been keeping track of market trends over the last few years, you will almost certainly have heard about the web to print revolution, which has led to increasing numbers of printers taking their business online and allowing internet users to design and order printed goods quickly and directly. Now…
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Optimize for mobile

Optimizing Your Site For Mobile.

Back when the only way to use the internet was to sit at a desk and use a standard, computer, plus keyboard and monitor setup, designing a web page was a lot more straightforward. Monitor sizes did vary a bit, but not so much that a page would be thrown seriously out of whack if…
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Social Media Marketing For Your Print Shop

Social media is a fact of modern life. It has evolved from something that teenagers use to discuss their crushes to become the pre-eminent means of communication for much of the global population. It can be used to raise awareness of the issues of the day and encourage people to come together to fight injustice…
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web to print software for print shops

Design Online Software

If you run a print shop and you’re still relying on traditional business practices to do everything from marketing your services, taking customer orders,  preparing, proofing, (perhaps repeating a few steps if the customer changes their mind about something or didn’t explain their request properly in the first place), printing, finishing, packing and shipping, you…
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web to print storefronts

Web to Print Store fronts

If you’ve never used a web to print storefront before, you may be a little uncertain about what the term really means. You can tell that it’s some way of arranging a print job – that much you can figure out from the word ‘print’ but where does the ‘web’ come in?   Basically, if…
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websites for large format printing companies

Websites for Sign shops and Large format printers.

If you run a sign shop then, like most businesses, you’ve probably realized that you need to invest in an online presence. Your customer base is almost overwhelmingly online already and they want to be able to use a search engine to find local sign shops for all of their signage needs. So, what do…
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