CRM software for print companies

What is CRM Software

The modern world is so full of buzzwords, abbreviations and strange new terms that it can be hard to keep track of which ones actually mean something useful. Take CRM software, for example. Even when you know that it stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’, you could be forgiven for thinking ‘So, what does that even…
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Announcing DIY Plans

You asked for it and now its here, Introducing DIY Plans. DIY (Do It Yourself) Plans Our DIY plans come with all the great feature of our regular plans except we do not design the site for you.  You choose a great looking template and we set up the server, and add your logo to…
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Mix Styles and colors with web2ink

Feature Spotlight- Mix Styles and Colors

Selling custom print online is daunting to say the least.   Most platforms do not have the ability to allow customers to mix styles and  garment colors with the same design.  Web2Ink has developed the perfect solution to this problem.  This blog post and video will explain how this works and why it is very important…
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Website redesign for your print shop.

How do you feel when you look at your website? Proud? Confident that it’s doing its job and helping your business to reach its goals? Or are you a bit embarrassed by a clunky interface and a dated design? Obviously, if it’s the last one, then it’s time for a redesign but there are plenty…
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What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the most exciting of the new marketing concepts to have appeared in recent years. Not only that, it’s proved itself to be by far the most transformative. To call it a game-changer is an understatement. Inbound marketing puts the game in a whole different arena, subverts the old rules and invites the…
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website promotion

I have a sweet website, now what?

If you build it they will come does not apply to websites.  Having a great website is crucial even if there is not tons of traffic, but the fact that a website is great and looks good with lots of features does not mean that anybody will find it.   In this post I am going…
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marketing for print companies

Print Shop Blog Topics

Adding good content to your website is a crucial element for getting ranked in search engines and being found online.  Blogging is the best way to do this. A blog is simply a section on your website where you share articles, tips, tricks, case studies, pictures, videos, ideas or anything that is relevant to your…
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print shop websites

Top 10 easy ways to Instill trust on your website.

People need to trust your website and your business before they will spend any money with you.  That makes perfect sense, I mean I am not going to spend potentially thousands of dollars or even 20 bucks if I get an uneasy feeling when I visit a website.  In this post I am going to…
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Finding a Niche Market For Your Print Shop.

Whether you’ve been in the print industry for a while or have only recently entered into the business via web to print storefronts, it’s worth reviewing your marketing choices on a regular basis. Is your current strategy working or is it time to try something new? If your marketing strategy feels unwieldy or it just…
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software for print shops

Handling A Pissed Off Customer

From time to time, pretty much anyone in business will have to deal with a pissed off customer and those of us in the printing world are no different.  Whatever the rights and wrongs of any given complaint, it’s important to deal with it calmly, proportionately and, above all, politely – even if the customer’s…
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