Discovery Form

Discovery Form




1 . What is your Web2Ink order number?

2 . Do you currently have a website?

3 . Please provide the URL (web address) of your current site

4 . Do you have any experience operating a e-commerce website or business?

5 . Tell us about your business and be as detailed as you like

6 . Tell us what your goals are with your new website?

7 . Tell us about any specific functions you would like your site to have

8 . Tell us what items your currently produce in house. What print methods do you use, ie screen, offset, flexo, digital, large format, embroidery, etc. If you only outsource or broker orders let us know that.

9 . What items would you like to produce in house in the future

10 . Do you outsource any work to other printers?

11 . Share with us a few websites that you really like the look and feel of. Any industry is fine.

12 . Share with us a few of your competitors sites that you really like

13 . Upload your companies logo here

14 . Please share your social media accounts below

15 . What type of marketing do you plan on doing for your new website?

16 . Tell us abut how you price your products, do you have volume discounts, free shipping, do you plan on having a minimum order qty, Do you have a setup charge, artwork charges, etc.

17 . Tell us what colors you would like to see on your website