Feature Spotlight- Mix Styles and Colors

Selling custom print online is daunting to say the least.   Most platforms do not have the ability to allow customers to mix styles and  garment colors with the same design.  Web2Ink has developed the perfect solution to this problem.  This blog post and video will explain how this works and why it is very important feature to have on your print shops website.

Lets start with the video, that explains it best, then I will explain some details and benefits.


Hopefully that video clearly explained how this function works. Lets take a look at why this feature is important and why your print shops website should include it.

  • This allows groups to purchase shirts that members like instead of having to settle on a style.
  • The minimums can be set per garment style or per design.
  • The system will price the shirts accordingly based on shirt cost and print process.
  • Reduces the need to manually process orders with mixed styles and colors.
  • Multiple mixed styles and colors can be quickly quoted with the same design.
  • Effortlessly process a 12 piece order with 12 different styles or colors.
  • Customers appreciate being able to mix styles and colors to get what they want instead of being told they don’t meet a minimum.


Those are great reasons to include this great function on your website, but the main reason is to offer your customer more options and flexibility.  No one wants to figure out the cost for multiple styles and colors on a small order, and printers often turn these jobs away based on  the time it will take to process.  The reality of it is that ton of clients are looking for shops that can accommodate these types of orders.  With the right technology on your shops side these types of order can be processed quickly, efficiently and at very profitable margins.  Your customers will love it and you will not have to spend any extra effort to process these more complex orders.

Want to give this feature a test drive, Here is a link to the demo site in the video with this product preloaded. – https://newstoretest.kinsta.cloud/design-now/ultra-cotton-t-shirt/

Contact us with any questions, thanks for reading!


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