Why Use Web2Ink.com For Your Print Shop’s Website.

If you have been browsing our site I am sure you can see all the great reasons to use Web2Ink and see how we make great websites for print shops.  This article will be going over a few of the key points that make us different then our competitors and why we are a better choice for your printing businesses eCommerce and order management solution.

  1.  We are printers.  Our Founder Steve Started working in a print shop in High School and has Started and sold two successful printing business that were both pioneers in the print eCommerce and online design print industries.  Steve Has year of experience in flexo, screen, offset, embroidery, DTG  and digital printing fields.   Web2ink maintains a 4000 square foot print facility that includes large format digital printing, DTG, screen printing, and sublimation.  While we don’t compete with our customers, we are able to offer real world help not only from a eCommerce and webdesign standpoint but as a group of long time print professionals who know your industry and understand the issues printers face.  Our main goal is to help you grow your business with a great online presence, eCommerce tools and order managment, but we are always open to talking print with our customers.  Basically we are not only webdesign nerds, but we are print nerds as well.
  2. You Control your site completely. Our platform allows you to create as many pages on your site as you like.  You can create a site with 10 pages or 100k pages.  You have total control over the look and feel of your website. We will design your site the way you like it, but you are also able to make any changes to your website such as navigation, adding pages,  integrations, third party services and much more.  You also have total control over your sites SEO (search engine optimazation)  this is an important factor and many similar services make it very hard to control your SEO.  You will have the ability to monitor your SEO efforts, use third party tools like MOZ or AREFS.  Your site will have a blog where you can post content as much as you like and you have control over your page titles, meta data and other SEO factors.
  3. Your site is designed by a professional.  While it is very important to have powerful tools and functions and web2ink’s are the best, it is also equally important to have a great looking website that instills trust and confidence in your customers.  A site that is modern looking and functions well needs to be a top priority.  Most similar services to ours allow you to set up your own site and give you the tools you need, but typically most printers are not web design professionals and the end result is a website that looks and feels very much like many of your competitors sites.  Web to print services are great and any printing business that is looking to grow needs to invest in web to print, but often times print shop owners and executives overlook the importance of user experience, design and functionality. Put yourself into your customers shoes in order to succeed at selling print online.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight into why Web2Ink is a great choice for your printing business and how we work.  These are 3 of the main points that we feel make us stand out from our competition.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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